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I spent the weekend out at KR Training taking the NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home student and instructor courses. It was a packed 3-day weekend as we crammed in all of the material required to both take the rarely taught student class, as well as do all of the requisite teaching demonstration and study to complete the even rarer instructor course.

This course follows the NRA’s Personal Protection Inside the Home program, and continues that course’s education in basic self defense issues. In fact, the PPITH course is a pre-requisite to taking PPOTH. PPOTH builds on the foundations established in PPITH, and greatly extends the shooting drills imparted to the students – especially if the extended “Advanced” version of the course is taught (the Advanced piece is essentially 5 hours of range drills).

To the competition shooter, none of these skills are unfamiliar, except perhaps shooting quickly from retention (the “speed rock” technique is the one advocated in the class). However, being that PPOTH is intended to be a first introduction to skills like drawing from a holster, speed reloads, target focus shooting, and shooting while moving, it’s really more of an intermediate level shooting course.

It’s great to the see the NRA offering this material. With the rise in popularity of concealed carry across the country, this sort of course is something that anyone choosing to carry a handgun for self defense should take – especially if there is no education requirement to get a permit in their state.

Fellow student John Daub wrote a longer and more detailed review of the class. I agree with John’s take on the warts in the training material – unlike the other NRA courses I’ve taken, this one is not quite as polished and well organized. A good instructor should be able to deal with those issues smoothly – but if you approach this course as a potential one to teach, don’t expect it to fly smoothly right out of the box.

That said, if you’re looking for some basic instruction in the issues and techniques surrounding concealed carry, this is a good place to start!

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