Eye pro, people. Wear it.

Sometimes it’s really easy to get complacent about safety when the risks seem so far off. “It’ll never happen to me”, right? Wrong. It will, eventually. You spend a long enough time doing something, like, say, reloading ammunition, and something bad will happen. If you’re not prepared, you stand a good chance of getting hurt. Permanently. Seriously.

The opening picture above resulted from fumbling my loaded round bin about a year ago. I saved the pieces to remind myself about the importance of wearing eye protection while reloading. Yes, I was wearing eye pro when this happened! Interestingly, I was barefoot, and a fragment actually cut my foot – not seriously, but I did bleed. Maybe this post should be about wearing shoes while reloading, too?

You can see in the second picture that when I dropped the bin, the rim of one found was forced into the primer of the round that detonated. The round was nose down, with the bullet contacting the cement floor of my garage. You can see that the nose of the bullet was flattened out. The force on the bullet must’ve been significant. There’s a notion around ammunition that a round detonating outside of a chamber (say, when you throw ammo into a fire) will only result in shrapnel danger, and the projectile will not go anywhere. I think this suggests that “common wisdom” is possibly wrong.

I wasn’t able to find all the pieces, either. Kind of scary! Realize that the primary active ingredient in those primers is lead styphnate – a serious explosive. If a primer gets jammed up in your press, or you force it into a primer pocket the wrong way…. BANG!

This sort of thing can happen on the range, too, any time you have primers exposed to impact. What that means is, don’t just slide a tray of ammo out of a box and leave them sit on the bench. An ejected case from your gun can detonate a round in the tray! And, don’t store ammunition in loose in bags or anything like that. Keep your ammo safe and secure, and protection yourself from an unexpected detonation.

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