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We have a small problem with the scales made for reloaders. They are only accurate to a tenth of a grain – and we’re measuring charges where that tenth is important. It’s very hard to determine when you’re exactly at that tenth, or slightly in between it and the next tenth. We really need a scale that’s accurate at a smaller increment. There’s a solution, though, that doesn’t require any additional gear!

So, it may seem ridiculously simple, but you basically just throw 4 powder charges, and divide the result by 4 to get the charge weight. This allows your scale to help you measure down to 1/4 of one tenth of a grain (or, .025 grains). Now you can dial that charge pretty exactly.

If you’re not sure how to use a triple beam balance (the Dillon scale isn’t technically a triple beam, but it works in a similar fashion), check out this tutorial on reading such a scale.

Why 4 charges? You could do more, and further increase the accuracy, sure. But, it takes time, and the return on investment gets increasingly smaller. 4 charges for .025 grain accuracy seems to be a good trade off.

I did not invent this technique. I heard about it from Brian Enos, and I’m not sure if he came up with it, or not. But, it’s handy, and allows you to fine tune your charge to an exact weight.

A quick note about the video. You might notice that I’m using a UniqueTek Powder Bar Micrometer, but my first adjustment didn’t nail the charge weight down? My notes were taken off of a single powder charge (for expediency), not the technique described here! It was only off by a very small amount, and that was easy to dial in from there.

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