5.11 Mission Rolling Duffel bag

I’ve been travelling with a 5.11 Mission Rolling Duffel bag for about 4 years, now. I like this bag A LOT for air travel, especially with gear.

Flying with guns and gear can really be a pain, especially with current baggage charges the airlines are forcing upon us. We have to struggle with taking a bag large enough for our gear so that we don’t have to take two bags (and pay an extra $50), but small and light enough that we don’t cross the 50 pound mark (and also pay an extra $50). It’s a tough nut to crack. On top of that, you want a bag that’s sturdy enough to take a beating, but not fall apart after just a few flights.

The Mission Rolling Duffel borders on being a tad too large – I find I can overpack it if I stuff it full and I have gear onboard. If I’m packing just clothing, typically it hits 50 pounds right about the time it’s pretty full (yeah, it’ll hold a lot of stuff – that’s enough for well over a week on the road). But, I can still fit a good chunk of clothing in the bag even with my full shooting kit. For short trips, this one bag is usually enough.

Note – I shoot out of a Camelbak BFM pack, so I can actually carry my pack as a carry on bag, allowing me to avoid a 2nd bag. The BFM can also be packed flat into the Mission Rolling Duffel, if required. For longer trips, I find I can pack the extra clothing required in the BFM and carry it on the plane, allowing me to still have only one checked bag if I’m flying an airline with outrageous baggage policies.

Even after being handled by numerous baggage gorillas , this bag looks essentially like new. I’ve had lesser bags break after a single flight, but this one keeps on ticking. It’s a little pricey up front, but it’s paid for itself already by staying solid for a large number of flights.

It rolls smoothly and easily, which is a bonus when the bag is heavy. The bag has handles on pretty much every side except the bottom, which makes it easy to get in and out of the car, and off the baggage carousel without having to first orient it.

This is solid gear, for sure.

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