Match Report: 2011 Space City Challenge

The weather could not have been better in Friendswood, TX the weekend of April 16-17, 2011. It set the stage for a repeat win for me at one of the finest and under-attended little matches in Texas – the Space City Challenge.

I’ve always enjoyed the Space City Challenge match. I shot it for the first time in 2006 – it was the first major match that I shot with an Open gun since coming back to the sport in 2005, and I was able to shoot the match with my good friend, Matt Burkett. He’s still got video of that match up on the Predator Tactical site. 2007, I shot a fairly good match, but hadn’t really up’ed my game, at that point. Missed 2008 because I shot Area 6, and the weekends always seem to overlap with these two matches. I shot the match on Saturday in 2009 and got rained out in a spectacular tropical storm. Due to other commitments, I couldn’t stay overnight and finish the match on Sunday, so I zero’ed several stages. When I had to quit, I had a 70 point lead over the field! That hurts!

I came back in 2010 and won the match. My goal this year was to shoot solid and steady, and set myself up for a repeat win. I was quite a bit sloppier on points, this year, and it showed in my results, but I was still able to capitalize on opportunities.

My impression of the stages this year is that they were a little more straight forward than last year, but with some deceptively hard shots (Classic targets at 35 yards) and a slightly more physical component (around 40 yards of sprinting on one stage, 25 yards on another). You have to keep in mind on these types of stages that points will matter more to your score, because the high hit factor on the stage is going to be depressed by the long bits of non-shooting activity. I got beat on both of those stages because I was a little bit too sloppy with the points on them.

The match was well run, as usual, with good ROs. We ran into a hiccup on Stage 2 due to a temperamental Texas Star that didn’t seem to want to let go of plates when they were hit. That caused a few reshoots on the squad before us, and one reshoot on our squad. Other than that, things proceeded smoothly and we made good time. I really like the 1 half-day format for shooting this match!

Hope you enjoy the vid, and hope to see you at this match in the future!

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    Cool video! Congrats!

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