More Variations on The Partials

Following my original post on Versatile Target Arrays, I received a PM from Eric Stanley on the Benoverse with some up to date notes on the practice array he’s currently using.

What follows are basically the notes that Eric sent me. A little history might make sense – Eric is a GM who primarily shoots Limited division. He’s a big fan of the No Easy Shots principle (in fact, I believe he coined the phrase). He and I are on the same page in many regards – pay attention to his methods, here – they will serve you well….

Eric says:

Actually my absolute fav now is to spread the old partials array out, roughly El Prez width. The outside target are the same, the center I make an “up / down” partial placing the targets in line, and the top of the head of the no-shoot, halfway up the A-zone of the shoot target.

I also rotate the outside targets, so this session the no-shoots are outside, next time they are inside. One punishes over swing, the other triggering early.

Editor’s note: see the target diagrams that are part of this post

When I work this array, I generally only work from 15y and out. I bounce 15, 25, 20 back and forth so there’s no comfort zone.

My normal practice routine on this would be to load up, and shoot three strings.

T1, T2 then T3.

2nd string I draw to the center target, and go T2, T3 then jumpback to T1.

3rd string I draw to T3, then jump to T1 and finish on T2.

I shoot all three strings, total of 18 rounds, beginning and ending on each target.

Then I’ll paste, step to a different distance and start from the right.

T3, T2, T1.
T2, T1 then jump to T3.
T1, jump to T3 then finish on T2.

This way I work both directions, snappy “eyes first” transitions, and don’t get into a “muzzle nudge” plate rack mentality.

I know what my real draws are to partials and I keep track of average splits, transitions and total times at each distance.

And that, as they say, is that… Thanks, Eric!!!

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