Welcome, Again Faster Equipment!

I’d like to welcome new sponsor Again Faster Equipment to the site! Again Faster carries a comprehensive variety of fitness equipment and accessories – including those fantastic Inov-8 Mudclaw 333s I told you about!

If you haven’t been paying attention, fitness is an important part of the practical shooting sports. Again Faster carries the stuff you need to improve your physical fitness at home or on the road. Here’s a few highlights of things that I use when I’m training at home or away from the gym…

Inov-8 Shoes – Again Faster is my new go-to place for Inov-8 shoes. They have a direct line to the primary US distributor. If it’s on the continent, they can get it! The Mudclaw 333s I like for practical shooting are not a standard item for Again Faster, but they still had them shipped to me same day. Because the Mudclaws don’t appear on their site, you’ll want to call them to order – (617) 460-5999.

Revolution Jump Rope – this rope just kicks ass, period. It’s super fast, making double unders easier. Single unders are a breeze. Jumping rope is a great alternative to running, and provides a different kind of conditioning.

Dynamax Medicine Balls – useful for speed drills, various types of throws, lifts and core work, one of more of these med balls are a seriously useful investment.

Agility Ladders – footwork is super important in our game, and one of the best ways to improve accuracy of foot placement, speed of foot movement, proprioception, balance, and coordination is generous use of an agility ladder. Highly recommended for our sport!

Stud Bar Pullup Bar – an extremely solid option for the home gym, the Stud Bar is sized to fit exactly on standard 16″ center studs on the ceiling or wall. You can also hang rings from the pullup bar for various gymnastic exercises.

Resistance Bands – these are useful for a lot of things – assisted pullups or ring dips, sprint drills with a partner, recovery and stretching work, you name it.

AbMat – stop doing crappy situps that only work the top part of your abs! The next best thing to a GHD situp is an AbMat situp!

When you think of fitness equipment, think of Again Faster Equipment – and tell them I sent you!

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  1. noel tiu says:

    Hi, dave. im just a newbie in our country. I want to improve my footworks and accuracy. Can you give me some advice, tips etc.

    thanks and more power to you


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