FAST reloads

I’ve had some folks tell me that my reloads are fast. I’m no slouch – I can generally reload the gun under a second in match context, and in the .80s or high .70s in practice. That isn’t fast. Nope. You need to see the big picture, and really understand what FAST is… Then you’ll see I’m kind of snail like (in a relative sense, anyway)…

That video is my good friend, coach, and mentor Matt Burkett, of Predator Tactical, banging out a few easy, relaxed reloads (that appear to all be .70s or faster, to my eye… Maybe Matt’ll chime in and tell us, if he knows). These are all as fast or faster than Travis Tomasie’s (in)famous reload video that’s made it’s rounds on YouTube. Oh yeah, Matt has a sense of humor, too…

I’ve watched Matt stand and easily bust out several .55 reloads in a row with live ammo on targets, shooting As on either end at 7 yards.

THAT, ladies and gentlemen…. is FAST ;)

BTW… “He’s back”??? I certainly hope so…. ;)

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