Match Report – 2011 Texas Open Championship

Held in Hempstead, Texas on the weekend of March 11-13, the 2011 Texas Open marked my first major match of the year in 2011. Normally, that distinction was held by either the Florida Open or the Double Tap Championship. This year, though, the Double Tap moved to June, and I was unable to attend the FL Open. So, Texas Open it is… Hit the jump for the video and some thoughts on the match!

The name “Texas Open” could be a bit confusing – it could lead one to assume that the match will be all Open division shooters, similar to how the Texas Limited is all iron sights (Open is the only division not officially recognized for score at that match). Not so – all divisions were in play and recognized in this match.

Yeah, it’s a little late to be writing up a match report in July for a match I shot in March, but… I wanted to get my footage up (finally) and at least give everyone a flavor for the match.

The stages at the Texas Open this year were a pretty fair mix of technical position work, and “run hard, shoot fast”. There were some very awkward positions required at times, and there were also plenty of partial targets to deal with.

There were also some complications due to match administration and setup, unfortunately. This seemed to simply be due to the relative inexperience of the match staff at running big matches. For instance, the squad matrix had the rotation moving “backwards” (that is, instead of moving upward in stage number, from 1 to 2 to 3, etc – you went downward, from 3 to 2 to 1 then back around to the last stage). This confused a number of folks, and our squad ended up being asked to hop around the match on the first day to overcome the chaos a bit. This led to us waiting around for significant amounts of time in a couple of places. A couple of the stages had some issues in terms of how scoring or the rules were handled, and this resulted in one of them being thrown out of the match (the one with the colored ports and poppers in my match footage). Finally, one stage suffered brutally in the wind, and with malfunctioning movers – I think we set a world record for number of reshoots on that stage, as we averaged more than one per member of the squad!

Overall, it was a good match. The above things made a long day longer, for sure, but I don’t think they did anything to really ruin the experience for anyone on our squad. We still managed to have fun.

Unfortunately, I just didn’t shoot well, at all. I counted 35 or so extra shots through the match? Wow… That’s a couple of misses worth of time penalty there, easily. It caused me to run the gun dry three times. That’s just unacceptable – in two cases, it cost a couple of seconds, and in another, it cost me a miss (last plate on the Polish plate rack). You can also see in the video that there was some pokiness in my performance. I also shot fairly sloppy points across the board, too.

Still, I managed to win two stages, and missed winning a third (the all steel stage) by three hundredths of a second. So, some ups and downs, but not a sharp way to start the year off. Luckily, I came back with a better performance at the next major ;-)

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  1. Tim says:

    I would take those match results any day.

  2. Tim says:

    Are you going to the IPSC World Shoot?

    1. DaveRe says:

      Going to miss it this time, Tim. I would love to go to a World Shoot someday, though. The details around shooting this match this time have been very sparse, and that makes it tough to plan and feel comfortable about it – on top of that, the trip would unfortunately require more vacation time than I have at the day job, right now… Hopefully, in 2014 :-)

      1. Tim says:

        Would be fun! I thought Roy said he was going but I’m not 100% sure.

  1. DR Performance says:

    The long overdue match report from the 2011 Texas Open! http://bit.ly/pHndLT

  2. xre says:

    The long overdue match report from the 2011 Texas Open! http://bit.ly/pHndLT

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