The DAA Race Master Pouch – a first look

Every once in a while, someone comes up with a better mousetrap. They get dissatisfied with the current market offerings for one reason or another, and they put on their thinking caps, and BAM!, you get something new and interesting to look at. Never being one to turn down a look at one of these new products, I had to say “Yes” when Saul Kirsch of Double Alpha Academy asked me if I’d like to try out their new Race Master Pouches for T&E and review. Let’s take a look…

I’ve tried out a number of magazine pouches through the years, and have been using the CR Speed pouches for a while, now. They seemed to offer the best mix of access to the mags, speed, flexibility, and durability to my taste, albeit at a higher price than other offerings on the market. The CR Speed pouches have their flaws, but seemed like the best choice at the time.

Enter the Race Master Pouch. Designed as a complimentary piece of kit to go with their superb Race Master Holster, the Race Master Pouch definitely embodies the term “solid”. Machined from aluminum, this is not some injection molded cheapo piece of gear that will break or wear out quickly under a little stress.

Included in the box are the pouch, an extra insert and pressure plate, two allen wrenches for adjustment, an extra nut and screw (for configuring them “sideways” – see below), and a crystal sticker with the DAA logo for you to put on them once you’ve set them up for the correct “handedness”.

I was immediately pleased to notice that DAA had carried over the principles of the holster’s hanger design to the pouch. One of the big annoyances I’ve had with the CR Speed pouches I’ve been using is that they don’t fit snugly on the belt, allowing the pouches to move around if you don’t take steps to improve the fit (for instance, by wrapping electrical tape around the belt to build it up – I know of some folks that have drilled and tapped the CR Speed hanger to run a screw through the hanger into the belt, even!). When I first put one of the Race Master pouches on the belt, it was rock solid, just like the holster. The fit is impressive using a CR Speed belt, and I have to imagine that on the DAA belt, the hangers fit even tighter (much like the holster). No worries about migrating mag pouches!

Much like the holster, finding the optimal angle and position for the pouch is fairly simple, once you get the right amount of “drag” on the set screws so that you can still move the pouch around, but with just enough resistance so that it stays put so that you can test it carefully. Unlike most of the other popular mag pouches on the market, the Race Master can be adjusted in three axes – rake and cant, plus height. Most only have rake and height, or just rake (rake being the angle the magazine is held at vertically). In addition, you can configure them so that the mags are held with the back of the magazine toward your body, if you prefer that presentation – and you still retain rake, cant, and height adjustment. Very versatile adjustments!

The pouches come configured for typical widebody 1911/2011 magazines – STI, Para, and similar. A second insert is included with the pouches to allow you to convert them to hold CZ SP-01 sized magazines correctly (as well as other small bodied CZ style mags made by Tanfoglio and the like). With a little tuning (sandpaper or a belt sander), this insert can also be adjusted to allow Glock and M&P magazines to fit properly. I haven’t tried this, yet, but I do have an M&P, and so can evaluate this possibility later. There will also be an insert available for 1911 single stack magazines as an accessory – I don’t see it on DAA’s website, yet.

The first thing I noticed upon inserting an STI magazine into the pouch was that it fit like a glove. Even at the lowest tension setting, there’s no danger of this magazine coming loose by accident. I’ve not yet done any real testing on this, but will. I’m tempted to call these “yard sale proof” right off the bat, but want to play with some weighted mags and typical stage scenarios (ie, running hard, cutting back and forth, etc) before I render that verdict. Due to the glove-like fit, it may be difficult to stuff mags into these pouches under pressure (ie, on stages where you have to pick up loaded mags for later use) – some initial testing says it’s a little slower with these pouches than the CR Speeds I’ve been using, but then, it wasn’t particularly fast with those, either. It might be wise to have a magnet on your belt, though, for those kinds of stages (I’d advise the same with anyone else’s pouch – this isn’t limited to the Race Master, by any means). More practice may make this easier, though – I’ll update you later on what I find.

The tension adjustment is different on these, too. Rather than pinch the mag from side to side as is done on virtually every other mag pouch in production, the Race Master Pouch puts tension on the mag from front to back by way of a spring loaded pressure plate that the shooter can adjust via an adjustment wheel set into the back of the pouch. No screws sticking out to get caught on things or accidentally misadjusted.

Reloads out of these pouches are smooth and fast. I was initially concerned that due to them covering more of the mag than the CR Speed pouch, I’d get slowed up by having to move the magazine further laterally to get it free, but the clock doesn’t indicate an issue. I don’t feel any difference, that way, either. Just a nice, smooth release. You can’t ask for much more than that…

I’m beginning a more focused testing on these now, and plan to use them at the USPSA Open Nationals. I’ll provide a more detailed “field review” type of write up about how they perform for me after I get some more stick time on them. For now, though, these definitely fall into the “cool stuff” category – check back for updates soon!

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  1. Chet says:

    What a great coincidence. I was going to call you this afternoon to see if you had ever tried these mag pouches. Now all of my questions have been answered. =)

  1. DR Performance says:

    A first look at the DAA Race Master magazine pouch! http://t.co/uG80GPI

  2. xre says:

    A first look at the DAA Race Master magazine pouch! http://t.co/uG80GPI

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