Practice Deck iOS application launched!

This is exciting stuff, y’all! Today, Hsoi Enterprises released the DR Performance Practice Deck iOS application for iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices. Check out the official announcement page, too!

Earlier this year, John Daub approached me about turning the Practice Deck into an application for the iPhone. In truth, he was about the third person to ask me about doing it, but he’s the only one that’s actually made it happen. John spent a lot of time considering how to implement the app in the simplest fashion that would maintain the feel and usability of a deck of cards, but open up a world of possibilities that a physical deck could not provide (for instance, in the application you can edit together and save custom “decks” of drills – maybe your favorite 10 or something like that – and then share them with your friends all from within the app). The execution is superb!

I’ve been using the Practice Deck application for a while, now, beta testing it and helping work the kinks out of it (there really weren’t any, honestly), and it’s really slick. I used the app as a large part of my prep for Nationals, and never had a hitch with it. It works as an app should – simply and intuitively.

Let us know if you check it out and what you think about it!

Kudos, John! Well done, sir!

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  1. Rick says:

    Hi Dave

    Thanks for releasing this great app, I upgraded within 24h because it’s worth it.

    great job


  1. xre says:

    Practice Deck iOS application is launched! http://t.co/weEPrmJ4

  2. DR Performance says:

    Practice Deck iOS application is launched! http://t.co/Zai4ZOhu

  3. TimAustinTX says:

    Practice Deck iOS application is launched! http://t.co/Zai4ZOhu

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