For Sale: Brazos Custom Gunworks Pro Sx

I’m selling the gun I’ve been running for the past two years. As you can see in the picture, she’s a beaut!

If you have interest, send me an email. Details on the gun follow after the jump!

The gun is a standard Pro Sx chambered and setup for .38 Supercomp with a couple of minor mods/particulars to it, listed below. You can read more about the standard Pro Sx on the Brazos Custom website. As you can tell from the picture below, the design of the gun has changed slightly from the pictures on the website. The pic is from when the gun was brand new – it shows a small amount of wear on the bottom parts of the frame where my hand touches it, a small mark on the bottom of the dustcover from the holster, and a couple of small dings on the inside bottom corner of the scope mount (I can provide a picture of this if it’s critical to you, just let me know) – and, of course, the blast shield shows some wear, as you’d expect.

  • barrel is an STI TruBor barrel with a custom Brazos Thundercomp II design compensator cut into it. The gun routinely shoots sub-1″ groups with this barrel using Zero 125gr JHPs (see second pic).
  • the barrel has 4 Poppleholes in the current configuration Brazos is producing
  • the gun currently has a very short, flat profile trigger (the shortest you can make and still have it be flat). I can send it with a longer flat trigger (equivalent to an SV ITS short/flat length), if you prefer (it’s actually the trigger that’s in the gun in the attached picture)
  • trigger pull is a very smooth, very shootable 1.5#
  • finish is blued. I can send the gun chromed for an additional $300 (and the extra time required to send it off, of course)
  • includes a Brazos Custom left side thumb shield
  • includes a Brazos Cyclone mag button
  • the gun will ship with a new Brazos Ultragrip, and a brand new Brazos Bigmouth magwell
  • C-More is a click switch with 6 MOA dot
  • includes a KIDD blast shield

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  1. Tim says:

    Are you going to start shoot production?

    1. DaveRe says:

      Tim, I’ll probably shoot some production – I need a couple more mag pouches. But, I’m not getting out of Open. This is just the normal/usual turn over – I usually do this after about two years :)

      1. im says:

        Are you going to shoot another Brazos Open gun?

        1. DaveRe says:

          Yeah, Tim – it’s in the queue to be built at Brazos right now! Another Pro Sx…

  2. Daniel I says:

    Are you still selling it?
    If so, for how much?

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