1050 Modifications

For the most expensive and “Cadillac” press in Dillon’s lineup, you’d think it was pretty much perfect from the get go, right? Wrong. Just remember, if it ain’t broke, you can always make it better! Here’s a couple of good ones to take a look at – the improved primer catch, and the aluminum roller handle!

Primer Catcher

Like the 550 and the 650, the 1050 apparently has a few issues with primers trying to escape after being punched out of the case they arrived in. Luckily, there’s an easy mod that gives you a no-mess, high capacity primer catcher. All you need is a .223 case, and some 5/16″ ID vinyl tubing. Here’s how it works:

First, remove the original primer catcher bin and bracket. You can safely ditch these, if you like.

Now, look underneath – the primers come out the big hole that sits above where the primer catcher was installed.

Carefully chuck the .223 case up in a vise, and grab your handy hacksaw. You have one of those, right? You could probably accomplish the same thing with a Dremel tool, if you like.

Cut the casehead off the case (make sure you cut it above the case web), and then bevel the edge of the case like this with a file, or other such implement.

Slip a length of 5/16″ ID (that’s “Inside Diameter”) vinyl tubing over the beveled end of the case, like so.

Now, stuff the case neck right up into that hole we looked at earlier. It should be a snug fit, but you shouldn’t need tools to seat it up in there all the way.

My tubing happened to be 7/16″ OD (“Outside Diameter”, of course), so I grabbed a handy 7/16″ drill bit, and drilled a hole in the cap of a water bottle. I then cleaned it up with a razor knife (well, as much as I could, anyway).

Place the bottle on the floor and route the tubing to it, and your’re done!

Aluminum Roller Handle

File this under “Things Dillon Should Have Included With the 1050″. The plastic handle that’s included with the Super 1050 certainly works, but it just feels cheap, and the quasi tri-lobe design of the plastic handle just doesn’t feel right in the hand to a lot of folks.

You can order the much more awesome aluminum roller handle from Dillon – or from Brian Enos (which is where I got mine).

Installation is simple – you just pull the snap ring you can see in the pic to the left, slide the old handle off, slide the new one on, and replace the snap ring. Of course, you need a long nosed pair of snap ring pliers – which cost about $40 from MAC or SnapOn. The others you can find at Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, etc, won’t cut it – they can’t open once you get them down in there. I ended up using a couple of dental style picks. I held the handle in my vise, and grabbed the snap ring with a pick in each hole. Getting the ring off was easy – replacing it was a little trickier, but wasn’t too bad.

Handle feel is much improved. I much prefer it this way!

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