Class Announcement – Bryan/College Station, TX – June 22-24, 2012

If you’re interested in some training, but private lessons are beyond your means, but you can make it to central Texas in late June, I’m going to be teaching two different classes on the weekend of June 22-24. Read on for more details!

Many thanks to Aaron Vezorak for scheduling for the classes and making all arrangements! Both classes will be held at the Cawthorn Cartridge Club near Bryan/College Station.

Space is limited in both classes, and only a small handful of slots remain! For more information than the below, or to reserve a slot in one of the two classes, email Aaron at the link above. A 50% deposit will be required before January 30th to secure you spot in the class!

The first class will be held on June 22, and will be an intro to USPSA. We’ll be covering everything a true newcomer to the sport would need to feel very comfortable about going to their first USPSA or IPSC match. We’ll start with a look at the sport itself and an overview of the rules, range commands, and stage procedures. From there, we’ll get into basic gun handling skills – how to safely draw and reload the gun, how to move safely as a beginner, and the like. Finally, we’ll shoot a small, multi-stage match to give you your first taste of USPSA competition. If you’ve been thinking of getting into USPSA or IPSC, but felt you lacked the know-how, this is the class for you! Cost for the class is $200, and the specified round count is 400-500.

The second class will be a two day Intermediate level class, scheduled for June 23-24. This class is intended for folks already competing in USPSA, IPSC, or IDPA competitions who want to improve their basic skill set, learn winning techniques, and raise the level of their game substantially. Shooters at any level will find things they can use from this class, but it will definitely target shooters at the A, B, and C levels directly. Cost for the class is $350, and the stipulated round count is 1000 rounds.

Note that these round count numbers are not the “guaranteed to shoot” number of rounds, but are expected to be enough that you’ll have plenty to get through the class with no concerns of running out! (some folks get concerned if they haven’t expended every single round they brought with them in a class – we aim to shoot a lot but I like to make sure you bring plenty of extras, just in case!)

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  1. Tim says:

    You should run a class at ARC or KR Training, I would attend.

    1. DaveRe says:

      Tim, I’d be happy to – but Karl runs his own classes for competition shooting, and ARC isn’t letting “new” instructors on property at the moment (although they’d let me teach one for free to ARC members…). So, unfortunately, I can’t do either ;-)

      1. Tim says:

        I know ARC is in need of a “Director of Range Safety” and you would be a good fit ;-)

        1. DaveRe says:

          Being Director of Range Safety doesn’t change my ability to teach classes out there, though ;-) That’s a BoD decision…

          Unfortunately, I don’t have time in my schedule to take up that job. I think I’m probably overdoing it as it is! :-)

          1. Tim says:

            I figured the influence by being the director would give you the in to teach.

            I totally understand the time commitment and liability makes it not very appealing.

          2. DaveRe says:

            Yeah, I had thoughts that taking that role could be useful in a number of ways – actually, for my own benefit as a trainer hadn’t entered into them, but you made a good point. But, still, I’m not sure I can commit to the it’d take, at this point…

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