Coming soon… and, new blog features!

Just a quick update for y’all on what’s coming soon on the Re-Gun Blog, and a highlight of a new blog feature you can take advantage of!

I’ve had a bunch of requests for topics about movement skills. I’ve heard everyone, and haven’t been ignoring you at all – just thinking about the best way to cover them for you. Movement’s one of those things that’s very difficult to just write about. Illustrations or video are really required to make the footwork and the techniques clear. It’s either that, or make you read twenty thousand words and still leave you confused.

Along the way of trying to figure out how to best film a bunch of stuff as what amounts to a one man show, a good friend of mine started up a video production business. Hmmmmm…. dare I say synergy?

Soon, we’ll be starting to film footage for a number of segments. We’re going to go through all the basics of movement – position entry, position exit, shoot on the move… and how those apply in stage situations. We have a couple of other topics, too.

I appreciate everyone being patient with me on covering those topics. Just know that this stuff is coming soon!

You might’ve also noticed on the left side of the blog, there’s a new “Subscribe via Email” box. The new WordPress Jetpack plugin came to the rescue, and now I’ve got a pretty full featured email subscription service, now. Enjoy!

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