Match Report: 2011 USPSA Open/L10 Nationals

I’m a little late in getting up my final match reports from last year, so I hope you’ll forgive me!

The USPSA Nationals historically serves up one of the best tests of overall practical shooting skills each year. The 2011 Open/L10 Nationals lived up to that reputation. Hit the jump for my match video and more info…

If you’ve seen the video, you can see this I finished 12th overall at this match – my first time in the top 16 at a US Nationals. That was a huge goal for me – I can’t tell you how immensely satisfying it was to get that one under my belt.

This year, the Nationals had a couple of extra stages (usually an 18 stage match, this year it was 20), and an unusual schedule, with a couple of “breaks” built into the schedule. Being a World Shoot year, the Nationals was moved up a bit earlier into September, and had (on average) smaller than usual stages to simulate the type of challenge that would be faced by shooters visiting Rhodes shortly after the Nationals. This made for a match that was somewhat difficult to catch the “pace” – because we spent a couple of our match days with hour long breaks in the middle of the shooting, it was hard to get into a consistent groove. This actually ends up being a really good mental test.

A lot of folks, myself included, felt like that target presentations were a little bit easier this year than last. What this ends up meaning, of course, is that you have to shoot clean and faster…

I set out to shoot this match completely within myself, and to shoot clean. My ability to practice this year wasn’t very optimal, and I knew I’d get nowhere good by pushing on anything. I ended up squadded on what could’ve been called the second Super Squad (with Mike Voigt, JoJo Vidanes, Nick Saiti, and Dave Cutts, among others), and we had a very good squad to shoot with, but was much lower pressure than a typical Super Squad. This let me stay in my head, and just shoot solid.

I did much better on steel targets, taking only a handful of extra shots. If you recall, this has been a Goat of mine, and I was happy to see some improvement in this match. I took fewer extra shots in general, but ended up dropping more points than I should have, as well.

I did manage to throw 4 penalties – two no-shoots, an extra shot, and an extra hit, the latter two coming on the match’s sole Virginia Count stage. That simple mental error was a great way to hand off 20 points with one round. That’s actually a mistake I’m prone to, but Virginia Count stages come up so infrequently that I’ve not really had a chance to get past it, it seems.

Looking back at the video, I see a lot of areas that could use work. Needless to say, I have notes on those things, and will be working through them in the early part of this season. I’ll be getting into my planned practice and training regimen soon, but for now, let’s say I have something new planned for this year.

Soon, I’ll get a post up about the 2011 Area 2 Championship, as well! Hope you enjoyed this one…

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    Finally! Match report and video from the 2011 USPSA Open Nationals! http://t.co/70W3JgYs

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    Finally! Match report and video from the 2011 USPSA Open Nationals! http://t.co/70W3JgYs

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