The M&P Project: Apex Tactical RAM

The one thing I really had issues with when I tried out the M&P seems to be a symptom of the overall trigger design. That is, of course, the utter lack of trigger reset feedback. If you ride the trigger on accuracy work, you rely on that feedback to tell you when the trigger’s good to go again. Luckily for us, Apex Tactical came to the rescue with the Reset Assist Mechanism!

Open the M&P up, and you can see pretty clearly how the trigger disconnect and reset mechanism works. If you remember my talk on Apex’s USB, there’s a projection that sticks up from the trigger bar that deactivates the striker block when the trigger is pulled. When the slide is moved rearward (either under recoil, or operator action), a cam in the slide presses the projection toward the outside of the gun. This causes the trigger bar to slide over and out of contact with the sear, rendering the trigger dead until the slide closes and the trigger is released forward until the trigger bar can slide back under the sear.

Unfortunately, when the trigger bar clears the sear and moves back inboard, it doesn’t result in much (any) feel in the trigger to give the shooter a clue that the trigger is reset. The Apex Tactical RAM adds some feel back in by pulling the trigger bar back inboard under spring pressure, resulting in an audible and tactile click when the trigger resets.

Installation is very simple, and the Apex Tactical install video covers it clearly. You’ll need a 1/8″ pin punch and hammer, but that’s about it. The RAM slides in the hole that’s used by S&W’s internal trigger lock system, on pistols that have it installed (mine does not, and I’m not sure why anyone would willingly want that feature on a gun, anyway). The trigger bar rides in the notch at the end of the RAM, and it’s the hook formed by the end of that notch that pulls the trigger bar back into place.

In my gun, this part makes the pistol far more shootable. I can tell exactly when the trigger resets, and I’m far less likely to trigger freeze with strong tactile feedback. My only critique is that I could use even stronger reset feel (perhaps a stronger spring?). In fact, if one wanted to be absolutely minimalist, the Apex USB and RAM together make one heck of a trigger enhancement package. Combine those with the Apex Hard Sear, and you’ve got a pretty darn sharp trigger job – and it’s entirely DIY.

There’s another benefit to the RAM from a carry/duty standpoint. Should your trigger return spring break, you can manually push the trigger forward, and the RAM will pull the trigger bar back under the sear, keeping you in the fight, albeit it at a much slower firing rate.

There are actually two RAMs – one for guns with the magazine disconnect, and one for guns without it. Make sure you order the correct one! And, you’ll probably want to read Apex’s blog posts about the RAM – they’re linked at the end of this post. Finally, be aware that the RAM doesn’t work in .45 ACP M&Ps, just 9mm, .40 S&W, and .357 Sig models. It also won’t work in the VTAC model frames or any M&Ps with thumb safeties – however, RAMs for those guns are apparently in the works.


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