Why Re-Gun.com?

I have a few friends who are recently getting into shooting. After answering all manner of questions for them, I realized that I might have a lot of useful information that folks in general would find helpful. I started this blog to share those thoughts and ideas. I hope you find things here that help you out. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!

About Dave Re

For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed shooting and firearms. My earliest memories include marveling over my grandfather’s gun collection at his office at a very young age, and shooting a BB gun for the first time with my dad in our garage somewhere around the ripe old age of 5. When I was in the Boy Scouts, I got my first taste of organized, competitive shooting when I qualified for my Shooting merit badge with an air rifle. I was hooked, but it would be a while before I really got to pursue shooting with any kind of dedication.

I began my USPSA shooting career in 1993, shortly after turning 21, while I was going to school at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA. After 6 years of competition, I took a 6 year hiatus, in the mean time moving to Austin, TX. I took up the sport again in 2005, and received my Grand Master classification 2 years later in 2007.

I’ve mostly been a handgun specialist, but have recently begun branching out into other things. Long range rifle shooting has become a big interest of mine, and I look forward to competing in sniper competitions someday soon. I also enjoy occasional rounds of trap and skeet, and plinking with various pieces in my modest collection. Self defense skills also interest me greatly.

I’ve always enjoyed helping other shooters improve their skills. Seeing them succeed is a thrill matched by few others. Once I received my GM card, I made the decision to “hang my shingle”, and start offering my services as a shooting instructor and coach to the world at large. I formed DR Performance Shooting as a way to make that possible. Besides competition shooting skills, I also teach basic gun handling skills of all kinds, and I hold several NRA Instructor certifications, including Personal Protection in the Home and Personal Protection Outside the Home. In mid-2009, I released my first shooting product, the DR Performance Practice Deck 1.0. Look for more exciting things in the future!

In early 2009, I published an article in the CrossFit Journal describing my successes with using CrossFit as a fitness platform for practical shooting. With the help of the fine folk at CrossFit, I produced a series of videos for the CrossFit Journal in 2010 detailing basic and advanced handgun techniques. You can view Handgun Basics Part 1 and Handgun Basics part 2 on the CrossFit Journal site.

I’m proud to endorse products by the following companies:

Outside of shooting…

I love shooting. No doubt about it. I get enjoyment out of basically anything that involves pulling a trigger. But, its tough to do that all the time. During the day, I work for Oracle doing Solaris device driver development.

I mentioned CrossFit above. I really enjoy working out, though I wouldn’t call myself a fitness buff, or anything like that. It adds balance to my life, and makes me a better shooter. I like CrossFit so much, I became a CrossFit Level I certified trainer to learn more about it, and become a better athlete.

Photography is a passion of mine – I own and operate a small photography business, as well – Dave Re Photography.

When I’m not busily attending to those ventures, I love spending time with my wife and three miniature dacshunds.

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  1. ken webb says:

    Hi Dave Just finished reading your informative article on the C-more sight,still can not get the the dot bright enought,( just like the owner ) have been shooting .22 target for near to ten years and have recently been shooting 25 and 50 metre service matches and have a lot to learn, reading your articles is the way to go. Best Regards Ken.

    1. DaveRe says:

      Hi, Ken,

      Sorry I missed this comment. You might need to replace the dot module on your C-More. I have to do that from time to time. Funk collects on it over time (basically, residue from the gasses generated by the burning gun powder). We’ve tried all manner of ways to clean them, but in the end, it never gets clean enough again. A new one will run you about $45.


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