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Once Fired is Best

I’ve heard a lot of opinions on what to shoot at major matches… New brass only, or well used, or whatever I have laying around, or whatever happens to be loaded up… My opinion is that once fired brass, fired in your gun from new brass, is the only way to go… Here’s why…

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A Case for the Gauge

In terms of equipment, a solid match performance rests in large part on match quality ammunition. Regardless of whether you reload, one of the most important quality inspection tools that you can use to insure that you’ve got match ready ammo happens to be a simple piece of steel that’s had a chamber reamer for …

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Eye pro, people. Wear it.

Sometimes it’s really easy to get complacent about safety when the risks seem so far off. “It’ll never happen to me”, right? Wrong. It will, eventually. You spend a long enough time doing something, like, say, reloading ammunition, and something bad will happen. If you’re not prepared, you stand a good chance of getting hurt. …

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Match Ammunition

Many of us travel to major matches with a big weak link in our shooting bags, and many times we do it cause we’re just flat out cheap! So, with the match season getting into full gear, and with folks approaching their first or second big match of the year, it seemed like a great time to discuss a subject that everyone seems to be thinking about around this time of year: Match Ammo!

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