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Match Report: 2011 Double Tap Championship

Double Tap One of my favorite matches every year happens in Wichita Falls, TX. Consistently creative, with solid, well thought out and constructed stages, the Double Tap Championship always gets my recommendation as a “must shoot” match each year. This year was no exception. Hit the jump for the match video, and some discussion of …

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Shoot better with no practice?

Improvement without practice. Does that sound far fetched to you? I bet it might. What’s the big secret? Good old fashioned elbow grease… in the form of CrossFit!

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Match Ammunition

Many of us travel to major matches with a big weak link in our shooting bags, and many times we do it cause we’re just flat out cheap! So, with the match season getting into full gear, and with folks approaching their first or second big match of the year, it seemed like a great time to discuss a subject that everyone seems to be thinking about around this time of year: Match Ammo!

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