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Flatlining Your Gun

This is the fourth article in a series of posts talking about “flat”. If you haven’t read the others, you might want to do that first. Where we left off last time, we learned what properties about the sighting systems on the gun can affect your ability to call shots, and what we can’t do …

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“Flat” and Calling Shots

In the last article in the series, I told you about how the eye picks up images and sees. We’ve been talking about what “flat” really means in terms of shooting – how we perceive “flat” when we shoot a handgun, what we’re actually seeing, and what shooting a gun that we perceive as “flat” …

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How the Eyes See

Any discussion of “flat” is incomplete and uninformed without an understanding of how the eyes actually see. I’m not talking about “we see at 30 frames per second” or anything quite as simple as that. I’m talking about understanding how shot calling really works, and how that affects not only what we perceive as “flat” …

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Thoughts? I have mine, but I’m interested in yours… And, let’s avoid bashing the guy who was brave enough to share the lessons of his misfortune with us…

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