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Open. Flatter?

This is the fifth post in the “flat” series. You might find it useful to check out the previous articles before you dig into this one! Open division guns add one more rather obvious factor into this whole “flat” equation – the ability to redirect gas from the combustion of the gunpowder to help the …

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Flatlining Your Gun

This is the fourth article in a series of posts talking about “flat”. If you haven’t read the others, you might want to do that first. Where we left off last time, we learned what properties about the sighting systems on the gun can affect your ability to call shots, and what we can’t do …

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The M&P Project: Dawson Charger Sights

Most factory pistols come with the cheapest, most horrible sights you could possible imagine. The M&P is better, in this regard, including a set of steel, 3-dot style sights. But, we can do better than that!

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Toolbox – Plano 3740

Just exactly how to carry small tools and parts in my shooting bag has challenged me for quite a while – especially since I started using a general purpose backpack, rather than a shooting specific bag. When my original solution broke, I had to dig up a new one. Here’s what I ended up with…

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The M&P Project: Apex Tactical RAM

The one thing I really had issues with when I tried out the M&P seems to be a symptom of the overall trigger design. That is, of course, the utter lack of trigger reset feedback. If you ride the trigger on accuracy work, you rely on that feedback to tell you when the trigger’s good …

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1050 Modifications

For the most expensive and “Cadillac” press in Dillon’s lineup, you’d think it was pretty much perfect from the get go, right? Wrong. Just remember, if it ain’t broke, you can always make it better! Here’s a couple of good ones to take a look at – the improved primer catch, and the aluminum roller …

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The M&P Project – Apex Tactical springs

After installing the Apex Tactical Hard Sear and competition sear spring, I set about to evaluate the other springs at my disposal.

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Dillon Super 1050 installation

I didn’t get a chance to do an “install” review with my 650, so I figured I’d give you a look at what the installation of the new Super 1050 looks like. Like every other Dillon press I’ve installed, it goes pretty smoothly if you actually follow the directions. I managed to do that this …

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Why the Dillon Super 1050?

I finally bit the bullet (pun intended), and bought a Dillon Super 1050. Before I go walking you through the install, and a minor improvement or two, I thought I might go through my decision process – that is… why the Super 1050? And how might that apply to you?

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DAA Mag Pouch followup

Well, better late than never? Since I first wrote about the DAA Race Master Magazine Pouch back in July, I’ve put a lot of mileage on three of them, including two major matches. I think I can pretty accurately describe for you my findings after using them for that period of time. And … they’re …

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