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The M&P Project – Apex Tactical Hard Sear and Competition Sear Spring

Finally making it back to the M&P Project! If you recall, the first modification I made to my M&P9 was the Apex Tactical USB. The USB made a huge improvement to the stock trigger pull, but still left me with a relatively long reset. The next thing to try was Apex’s Hard Sear.

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The DAA Race Master Pouch – a first look

Every once in a while, someone comes up with a better mousetrap. They get dissatisfied with the current market offerings for one reason or another, and they put on their thinking caps, and BAM!, you get something new and interesting to look at. Never being one to turn down a look at one of these …

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The M&P Project – the Apex Tactical USB

What’s that old phrase? If something works, you can always make it better? In terms of first steps with the M&P Project, one of the products on the market I wanted to evaluate were the drop in parts offered by Apex Tactical. On the various forums, and in word of mouth, I’d heard a lot …

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Blast Shields

Over time, the high-zoot gear for IPSC/USPSA competition has evolved pretty significantly, from the original gold standard 1911 in .45, to what we see today with a modern high capacity .355-ish caliber gun that holds 30 rounds and incorporates a red dot sight, a compensator, and – possibly – barrel ports. Such evolution is not …

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The M&P Project – first range report

This is the second in a series of posts evaluating the S&W M&P for use as a carry and competition gun. You might want to read my First Blush impressions first. There’s a blog category that captures the whole series, too. Of course, what’s the first thing anyone really wants to do with a new …

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The M&P Project – First Blush

I finally get a chance to start writing about this! One of my rules of thumb for match prize tables is to always try to pick up something I can use, even if there are more valuable things sitting on the table when I get to it (I’ll write a post on prize tables, and …

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C-More Care and Feeding – Fixing Wandering Windage

This is the 3rd and last article of the C-More Care and Feeding series. You might also like the first article on adjusting and zero’ing the scope, and the second article on the lens, diode, and battery/battery cover. This last one is somewhat controversial. User beware!

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C-More Care and Feeding – Lenses, Diodes, and Mounts, Oh My!

This is the second post on the Care and Feeding of the C-More Sight red dot scope. If you missed the first post in the series, you might want to refer back to it for some initial comments and background. If you’re clear there, let’s dive in!

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C-More Care and Feeding – Zero’ing and Adjustment

Arguably the most versatile and popular option on the market for IPSC/USPSA Open division sights, many folks have a love/hate relationship with their C-More Systems sight. With a little knowledge and experience, though, the C-More can be used for consistently good results. This is the first in a series of articles on the Care and …

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How many mags?

It’s a really common question I get, especially from newer shooters. How many mags? The other two common questions go hand in hand – Tuned or not? And, tuned by whom? I’ve even heard speculation from others about how many mags I own – speculations that were used to then justify (supposed) needs for lots …

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