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In case you were wondering, CrossFit works….

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Stick to what you know…

Charles Poliquin is a very well known and well respected strength trainer. I would hesitate to question any of his work in his area of expertise. Further, I wouldn’t be in a big hurry to start telling you how to strength train, because I simply don’t have the level of experience of folks like Poliquin. …

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But what can it do for ME?

One of the recurring themes on this blog has been how I’ve benefitted from a solid physical fitness regimen and how it’s improved my game significantly. If you’ll recall, my “weapon of choice” is CrossFit. But, I’ve been shooting for a while and had a solid base of sport specific skills to work from. This …

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Into the Breach…

Still wondering how fitness is important to this shooting sport? At the 2008 Area 1 Championship, we got a solid demonstration of why having a broad, general, inclusive fitness program is an important part of any well rounded shooting program.

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Shoot better with no practice?

Improvement without practice. Does that sound far fetched to you? I bet it might. What’s the big secret? Good old fashioned elbow grease… in the form of CrossFit!

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Dead what?

Why in the world would you want to start doing power lifting exercises? I mean, what in the shooting sports even begins to look like doing a deadlift? A dead what??? A dead back, maybe???

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The Role of Fitness in Practical Shooting

For a lot of folks, the terms “shooting” and “fitness” don’t usually seem to go together. What has fitness got to do with anything? This is SHOOTING, man!!!

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