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How many mags?

It’s a really common question I get, especially from newer shooters. How many mags? The other two common questions go hand in hand – Tuned or not? And, tuned by whom? I’ve even heard speculation from others about how many mags I own – speculations that were used to then justify (supposed) needs for lots …

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I guess I’m not that paranoid…

In my recent article Flying With a Gun… How-To, I demonstrated the equipment and process that I follow for checking a gun in checked baggage on an airline. Coincidentally, last weekend I received confirmation that my efforts aren’t overly paranoid… Check it out…

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Inov-8 Mudclaw 333… what a shoe!

After a number of practices, several local matches, and one major match, I feel like I can finally voice an informed opinion about Inov-8′s Mudclaw 333. You might remember I mentioned them in my It Must Be the Shoes post a couple of months ago. I can say without reservation that these are the best …

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Flying with a gun – How-To

I’ve spoken to a lot of folks who avoid flying to matches for fear of dealing with the hassle of flying with guns. Short of taking a private jet, there are some ways to make the process a little easier and safer for you and your equipment. Hit the jump for a video of my …

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It must be the shoes!

Choice of footwear for the practical shooting sports remains one of the least standardized pieces of equipment in the games. What works for people tends to differ widely, depending on their individual feet, their movement style, and personal taste. The shoes you wear need to be comfortable for a long day of standing, and provide enough support and grip to keep your feet solidly on the ground in a wide variety of surfaces.

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Update: DAA Race Master Holster

About a month ago, I published an initial review of the DoubleAlpha Academy’s new Race Master holster. I promised an updated review once I’d spent some more time with the holster, so… here we go!

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Setting up a CR Speed holster

I recently had a friend ask me how to set up the Rescomp CR Speed holster he’d bought for his Sig X-Five. We were going to try to go over it while I was last in California, but we ran out of time. So… out came the video camera, and away I went. To save …

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Test Driving New Equipment

I usually advise shooters to try out everything they can before making a purchase decision, and don’t go into the trial with a preconceived notion of which brand or configuration you think you need. Go in with an eye towards results, and what works best for you. That’s exactly what we did here…

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