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How-To: Shooting Groups with a Red Dot Sight

The fundamental test of accuracy for a firearm is the ability to shoot a group. When folks first switch to an Open division gun, they struggle with getting the gun to group because they overlook one very important issue that doesn’t seem to show up with normal partridge sights: finding a consistent aiming point! Here’s …

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A Case for the Gauge

In terms of equipment, a solid match performance rests in large part on match quality ammunition. Regardless of whether you reload, one of the most important quality inspection tools that you can use to insure that you’ve got match ready ammo happens to be a simple piece of steel that’s had a chamber reamer for …

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Setting up a CR Speed holster

I recently had a friend ask me how to set up the Rescomp CR Speed holster he’d bought for his Sig X-Five. We were going to try to go over it while I was last in California, but we ran out of time. So… out came the video camera, and away I went. To save …

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