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The M&P Project: Dawson Charger Sights

Most factory pistols come with the cheapest, most horrible sights you could possible imagine. The M&P is better, in this regard, including a set of steel, 3-dot style sights. But, we can do better than that!

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Toolbox – Plano 3740

Just exactly how to carry small tools and parts in my shooting bag has challenged me for quite a while – especially since I started using a general purpose backpack, rather than a shooting specific bag. When my original solution broke, I had to dig up a new one. Here’s what I ended up with…

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Dynamic First Aid – Lone Star Medics

It’s been a looooooong time since I’ve had any formal training in first aid. Probably 25 years? Think: Boy Scout First Aid merit badge. Knowing that a lot has changed in the medical community, and in my personal needs, I knew that it was time for some skill updates. When KR Training scheduled Lone Star …

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The M&P Project: Apex Tactical RAM

The one thing I really had issues with when I tried out the M&P seems to be a symptom of the overall trigger design. That is, of course, the utter lack of trigger reset feedback. If you ride the trigger on accuracy work, you rely on that feedback to tell you when the trigger’s good …

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The M&P Project – Apex Tactical springs

After installing the Apex Tactical Hard Sear and competition sear spring, I set about to evaluate the other springs at my disposal.

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Dillon Super 1050 installation

I didn’t get a chance to do an “install” review with my 650, so I figured I’d give you a look at what the installation of the new Super 1050 looks like. Like every other Dillon press I’ve installed, it goes pretty smoothly if you actually follow the directions. I managed to do that this …

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DAA Mag Pouch followup

Well, better late than never? Since I first wrote about the DAA Race Master Magazine Pouch back in July, I’ve put a lot of mileage on three of them, including two major matches. I think I can pretty accurately describe for you my findings after using them for that period of time. And … they’re …

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The M&P Project – Apex Tactical Hard Sear and Competition Sear Spring

Finally making it back to the M&P Project! If you recall, the first modification I made to my M&P9 was the Apex Tactical USB. The USB made a huge improvement to the stock trigger pull, but still left me with a relatively long reset. The next thing to try was Apex’s Hard Sear.

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The DAA Race Master Pouch – a first look

Every once in a while, someone comes up with a better mousetrap. They get dissatisfied with the current market offerings for one reason or another, and they put on their thinking caps, and BAM!, you get something new and interesting to look at. Never being one to turn down a look at one of these …

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The M&P Project – the Apex Tactical USB

What’s that old phrase? If something works, you can always make it better? In terms of first steps with the M&P Project, one of the products on the market I wanted to evaluate were the drop in parts offered by Apex Tactical. On the various forums, and in word of mouth, I’d heard a lot …

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