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Class Announcement – Bryan/College Station, TX – June 22-24, 2012

If you’re interested in some training, but private lessons are beyond your means, but you can make it to central Texas in late June, I’m going to be teaching two different classes on the weekend of June 22-24. Read on for more details!

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The Goat

Everyone seems to have one. I don’t mean a belly button or… certain orifices… It’s a weakness – usually one that perpetually harrows you. Any time you see this thing pop up in a match, it tends to eat your lunch, hand you your ass, and laugh at you while it’s doing it. I’m talking …

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Creative Dry Fire – Field Courses!

The last re-post of my older Practice Drills blog posts – this one is probably my favorite. I think we opened some eyes out there on this one! I’m not one of those folks who can stand and do 10 million draws in a row. I get bored, lose focus, and start working bad habits, …

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More Variations on The Partials

Following my original post on Versatile Target Arrays, I received a PM from Eric Stanley on the Benoverse with some up to date notes on the practice array he’s currently using. What follows are basically the notes that Eric sent me. A little history might make sense – Eric is a GM who primarily shoots …

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What Do I Need To Practice?

This is the second in a series of older articles that I’m reposting on this blog concerning practice. Enjoy! Making a decision about what skills you need to practice is crucial to seeing your best performance improvements. Most of us go to the range and practice the things we like to do – after all, …

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Ball and Dummy for Dummies

How’s that for a fantastical, controversial headline? One of the most venerable, long standing drills for assessing and addressing the trigger jerk, the “Ball and Dummy” drill turns out to be basically worthless…. if used improperly.

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But what can it do for ME?

One of the recurring themes on this blog has been how I’ve benefitted from a solid physical fitness regimen and how it’s improved my game significantly. If you’ll recall, my “weapon of choice” is CrossFit. But, I’ve been shooting for a while and had a solid base of sport specific skills to work from. This …

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The Great Eye Speed Experiment

Can first person shooter video games be used to improve a shooter’s abilities on the range? We’re going to find out!

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