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Match Report: 2011 USPSA Open/L10 Nationals

I’m a little late in getting up my final match reports from last year, so I hope you’ll forgive me! The USPSA Nationals historically serves up one of the best tests of overall practical shooting skills each year. The 2011 Open/L10 Nationals lived up to that reputation. Hit the jump for my match video and …

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Defense! (part 2)

This is part 2 of a two part article on ways you can insure you always get the best possible score on the competition floor. Well, ways besides practice! If you haven’t yet, you might want to also read the first part…

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Defense! (part 1)

When it comes to your score, there’s only one person that’s responsible for your score. YOU! Like it or not, in the end only you can be held responsible for your score. I can hear your inner monologue… “Now, Dave, you know that the RO makes his calls, and the Range Master does his thing, …

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Match Report: 2011 Double Tap Championship

Double Tap One of my favorite matches every year happens in Wichita Falls, TX. Consistently creative, with solid, well thought out and constructed stages, the Double Tap Championship always gets my recommendation as a “must shoot” match each year. This year was no exception. Hit the jump for the match video, and some discussion of …

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Confucious say…

…man who aim at published stage descriptions, miss. This is another reprint from the earlier version of the blog – the stages referenced are from 2008, but the article is still quite valid! It seems like a discussion periodically appears on the Benoverse around someone trying to determine the best way to shoot the stages …

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Standards Drills for Practice

Another blast from the past! What does the word “Standards” make you think of? Torture? Inhuman cruelty? Sadistic match direction? Or, does it inspire thoughts of confidence? Smug satisfaction at free match points? I’ll bet its one of the first ones, isn’t it? Why do standards exercises invoke such fear and concern in most people? …

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How many mags?

It’s a really common question I get, especially from newer shooters. How many mags? The other two common questions go hand in hand – Tuned or not? And, tuned by whom? I’ve even heard speculation from others about how many mags I own – speculations that were used to then justify (supposed) needs for lots …

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It must be the shoes!

Choice of footwear for the practical shooting sports remains one of the least standardized pieces of equipment in the games. What works for people tends to differ widely, depending on their individual feet, their movement style, and personal taste. The shoes you wear need to be comfortable for a long day of standing, and provide enough support and grip to keep your feet solidly on the ground in a wide variety of surfaces.

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Update: DAA Race Master Holster

About a month ago, I published an initial review of the DoubleAlpha Academy’s new Race Master holster. I promised an updated review once I’d spent some more time with the holster, so… here we go!

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The DAA Race Master Holster

Recently, a new holster hit the market that promised to have all the good and none of the bad – the Race Master, made by Double Alpha Academy. I decided to give one a test, and see how it stacks up against the other holsters I’ve used.

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